Aurora Industrial Machining (AIM) is an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to providing high-quality custom-engineered shell and tube heat exchangers.  We are a family woman-owned business with 55 years experience in the industry.  

Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, from our 30,000 square foot plant in Orchard Park, NY.  This gives us complete control over the engineering and manufacturing cycle. 

AIM was created and has continued to grow because of customer's needs for fast estimating service and on-time delivery of a quality product. 

Designing to Specifications

  • One of AIM's greatest strengths is our ability to design heat exchangers in accordance with customer specifications.   Whether your job requires extensive non-destructive examination, documentation, customer inspection, etc, rest assured that AIM is able to comply.  
  • We utilize HTRI Xchanger software to thermally rate the most economically-sized exchanger for your application. 
  • Compress is the software of choice for mechanical design and ASME Code calculations, and AIM utilizes it. 
  • We work closely with our customers to ensure that all end- user requirements are met.
  • We'll be happy to review your specifications free of charge, at any time.  Please send them along with your inquiry.  

Design & Drafting

  • AIM’s in-house design & drafting personnel utilize the most current CAD and SolidWorks programs.  
  • We can provide preliminary outline drawings within 1-2 days of request. 
  • Additional approval documents such as CAD Outline Drawings; ASME Code Calculations; ASME Certified Weld Procedures/Procedure Qualification Records; and NDE Procedures can be provided in less than two weeks.

Quality you can trust

  • ​All of our units are manufactured in accordance with ASME Code and rigorous TEMA standards.  
  • Each unit is registered with the National Board. 


Our founder, John Hesse Sr., was a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.  After graduation, he was trained in (then cutting-edge) radar technology by the United States Army, and served in World War II.  Upon discharge from the service, he moved to Olean, New York, where he got his start in the heat transfer industry as a Sales Engineer.  He built a solid reputation for himself as hardworking, ethical, intelligent salesman. 

John went out on his own in 1963 and founded Hesse Industrial Sales, Inc. in East Aurora, New York. 

In 1975, John decided that it was time to have full control over the manufacturing of his engineered products, so he established a manufacturing division called Aurora Industrial Machining.  He opened a manufacturing plant in Orchard Park, New York, where Aurora Industrial Machining still operates (with many additions and upgrades) today.

Hesse Industrial Sales, Inc. is now operated by John Hesse's grandchildren. 


From our humble beginnings as a start-up in a one-room office with a single employee, our family business has grown to include a diversified line of products in various industries throughout the United States. In 1972, we acquired VANEC Industrial Silencers and in 1984, Texas Manufacturing Company.  We now employ 120 people in 2 states at 4 different manufacturing plants.  We have a combined total of 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and our products can be found throughout the globe. 

Texas Manufacturing Company,  a manufacturer of "TexLine" brand products, fabricated grooved pipe fittings, fire sprinkler piping, and fire protection devices with locations in Whitesboro and Houston, Texas.


Please visit the websites of our other divisions for more information:    

VANEC is a designer-manufacturer of Industrial Silencers with offices in Orchard Park, NY.  In 2015, VANEC expanded their manufacturing capabilities and now operates from a 72,000 square foot facility in Gainesville, Texas.  We were awarded an ASME Code stamp at this facility in 2018.

​Aurora Industrial Machining is a division of Hesse-Industrial Sales, Inc. 

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