Each heat exchanger we build undergoes a rigorous, multilevel quality control review to ensure that our custom-engineered products meet the highest standards.  All units are thoroughly inspected by our quality control department and a National Board authorized inspection agency prior to shipment.

Our standard quality control package includes:

  • U1 or R forms
  • Mill test reports
  • Hydrotest certification
  • ASME code name plate rubbing
  • As-built drawing 

Aurora Industrial Machining's Quality Control Group can perform a wide variety of  in-house non-destructive examinations including:

  • Hot Oil flush 
  • Hydrotest (Chart Recording Available)
  • Pneumatic test
  • Dye-Penetrant
  • Magnetic Particle

We use a third party inspector to perform the following procedures in-house: 

Helium Leak
Positive Material Identification
Brinell Hardness

We use approved outside vendors for:

Post Weld Heat Treat
Tube-to-tubesheet mock-up weld test

**Third party inspectors and customers are always welcome to visit our manufacturing facility.**


AIM's Oil Flushing Station where

all oil coolers are cleaned prior

to shipment

Chart Recorded Hydrotests are available upon request

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