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  • No packed joint to leak and contaminate fluid
  • Gasketed joints are minimized
  • Provides multi-pass tube designs
  • U-bends allow for differential thermal expansion
  • Less costly than packed floating head or floating head designs, especially for higher tube side pressures since there is only one tubesheet, shell flange and head


  • Recommended for gas & liquid services.
  • For oil and other viscous fluid heaters with steam on the tube side.



  • Should be avoided where the tube side fluid is dirty or fouling since tubes can only be cleaned by chemical means.
  • True counter-current flow cannot be obtained since single pass on the tubeside is not possible.
  • Cannot be used where a temperature cross exists.


  • Removable bundle
  • U-tube
  • Full floating bundle
  • ASME and TEMA "B", "C" or "R" construction